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Remix dan Bikin Versi ‘Radio Edit’ Sendiri

Di bagian ini, gw mau nyoba share hasil remix & radio edit project gw sendiri.
Silahkan liat pada lagu-lagu di bawah:

Owl City – Rainbow Veins (alV-hc’s Remix) [Rev. 4 Fixed]
009 Sound System – With A Spirit (Radio Edit)
Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girl (Vandoo Bass 2008 Radio Edit)
Van Halen – 12. (Oh) Pretty Woman (Intruder Cut Edit) [Remastered by cyberhc]

Software yang gw pake:
Remix: FL Studio
Radio Edit: MAGIX Music Maker
Remaster: Sony SoundForge, MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab
Lain-lain: Nero Wave Editor, Audacity

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I'm boy, single, and just an ordinary human..

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